We are providing professional solutions
based on our extensive knowledge and experience of tea.

Teazen is constantly discovering new ingredients based on the research and development
of more than 200 types of tea from all over the world. To ensure the top quality and safety,
we are doing our best to standardize our cultivation, processing and storage processes
and regularly check the raw materials for pesticide residue and heavy metals.
In response to the latest trends and the needs of our customers, we also develop
and offer new, custom recipes.
Share your concerns with Teazen!
Teazen can assist you at all stages including material sourcing, product development
and production.

Advantages of our material business

We source various kinds of high quality tea from all over the world

We can source over 200 different kinds of tea
We source herb ingredients by directly visiting tea plantations in different countries

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Competitive Blending Technology

Tizen tea experts mix various tea ingredients
(pure tea, herbs, spices, etc.)
to discover their fascinating flavors and
scents and create unique profiles.

Various ingredients
distribution channels
  • Food & Beverage Company

    •Supplying tea ingredients for
    beverages, sweets, ice cream, etc.

  • Franchise Café & Bakery

    •Suppying ingredients such as blending tea and
    black tea in triangular pyramid and
    tea cafe luxury bag form appropriate for cafes
    •Supplying various kinds of powdered tea for bakeries

  • Hotel & Restaurant

    •Supplying products in appropriate packaging for
    hotels, restaurants, and lounges
    (tea cafe luxury bags, capsules, etc.)


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